What to do, when motivation is low

We’ve all been there. You want get better at playing guitar, but for some reason you can’t find the motivation to practice. In other words, we want the result, but the process is not enjoyable and therefor we don’t do what needs to be done, to get the result we want. Every guitar player from the amateur to the rockstar will experience this from time to time. The amateur sometimes tend to believe that the rockstars had the talent, they don’t and that’s the reason why the rockstar is the rockstar. But the difference between the great guitar players and the amateur are the way they handle these situations. In this article I have outlined a couple some things you can implement right away to counter the feeling of not being motivated.

Know the difference between good and bad days.

We all have days with when we are felling motivated to practise and days when we are not. The key to stay motivated more frequently is to understand the difference between the god and the bad days. So the next time you are feeling really motivated and get a lot of practice time down, make some notes about the day. How did the day start? Did something specific happen that motivated you? if yes, what was it and can it be replicated? What were you feeling about your guitar playing, about yourself, the progress you’ve made, your current skill level, the sound and tone you got from your amp etc. Answering all of these questions(and more like them) will give you ar very clear picture of what your state of mind and your surroundings has to be like, for you to feel motivated. Once you have a clear idea about this, your job is to replicate as much of it as possible, the days when you are not feeling motivated. Once you have answered all these questions make a list of things to implement right away, that can get you from being unmotivated to being on fire.

Make a motivational playlist.

I personally love 80’s hair metal. When I’m not feeling motivated, all I have to do is put on some Bon Jovi, Poison or Motley Crüe to get me fired up. The music that motivates me to play is properly not what motivates you, but the principle is the same. You started playing guitar for a reason, because you heard some music that you loved and that drove you to pick up the guitar. When you’re not feeling motivated to play the guitar, you need to get back to that state of mind and excitement. This can be done by making your own personal motivational playlist. You can add all you favourite guitar tracks on this playlist or you might even want to cut the tracks down to your favourite guitar climaxes I.E. the best solos from, guitar fills and so on. If you start of every morning listening to this playlist you will feel more motivated to practice. As time goes by and the songs and solo’s loses their motivational effect on you, you might wanna edit that playlist.

About the Author: Janus Buch is a professional guitar player, guitar teacher and founder of Bredballe Guitarskole in Denmark. If you are native to the are and looking for Guitar Lessons For Adults.

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