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Mesto, kjer se bodo počasi nabirali videi, različne informacije in koristni članki o glasbi in kitari.



Tablature Vs. uho

'Kako hitro si se ti začel učiti komade po posluhu?' je vprašanje, s katerim se pri svojem poučevanju kitare nenehno srečujem. 'Se je pesmi bolje učiti po tablaturah ali preko poslušanja? Moje uho ne razloči melodij in ne sliši akordov.'


Miti o glasbi

Glasba je dejavnost, ki nas povezuje že od prazgodovine. Od nekdaj se je človeštvo razvijalo in raslo skupaj z glasbo. V tem članku bomo govorili o takoimenovanih mitih in legendah glasbe in kaj le-ti pomenijo za posameznika, ki bi se rad naučil igrati inštrument.


6 največjih napak, ki ti onemogočajo napredovanje na kitari

Se ti zdi, da je čas, ki ga preživljaš s kitaro, kakovostno izkoriščen? Ti je vadenje kitare užitek in lahko čutiš in slišiš nenehni napredek, ali pa je tvoje igranje velikokrat zbegano preskakovanje med različnimi pesmimi in tehničnimi vajami, spremljevalnimi podlagami za improvizacijo in lestvicami? Spoznaj kaj lahko storiš, da te bo tvoje vadenje vodilo po pravi poti in se izogni šestim velikim napak, ki ti lahko onemogočijo napredovanje. 


2 Big Reasons Why Some Guitar Teachers Aren’t As Effective As Others

Learning with a guitar teacher gets you better results than learning on your own. But some teachers are less effective than others. Learn why by reading this.


How to Make Your Solos Sound Musical

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes your favorite guitar players solos sound so great? Are they just magically talented? Or were they just born that way? If you’ve ever thought this way, continue reading.


Guitar Effects for the Technically Challenged

I’ve never been a big pedal geek but I have amassed quite an array of effects over the years, and I have been told I use them tastefully.  So this is a rough guide to the most common guitar effects without getting too technical.


The 3 Things Your Guitar Teacher Should Be Teaching You

When you take guitar lessons, you become a better player faster. When your teacher teaches you 3 specific things, you grow much faster. Here they are.


The Journey Of The Beginner Guitar Player

Beginner guitar players can achieve great success in their first year if they learn the right items in the right order.


How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed When You Practice Guitar

This article explains how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you practice your guitar and how to make your guitar practice a lot more effective and fun.


Why Learning Guitar With A Teacher Helps You Improve Fast

Learning guitar with a great teacher is a shortcut to becoming an excellent player. Read this article to learn the main ways a teacher helps you get better.


What Strings Should I Use?

One of the questions that I receive most often by my beginner students is: “What strings should I use?” The answer is: it depends. But there are some simple guidelines that you can find useful. The answer is also different depending if you are playing electric or acoustic guitar.


How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes When Learning Guitar On Your Own

You might be stumbling on some of the biggest mistakes trying to learn guitar on your own. Knowing these big mistakes mean you can avoid these potholes yourself. It will save you time, energy and money in the future. It will make sure you enjoy the experience of learning guitar and don't give up!


How To Practice Guitar Scales To Create Real Music, And Not Just Boring Exercises

Scales are notorious for being boring. In addition, many guitar students find it hard to make real music with them. To have a scale go from an exercise into something musical is a multi stage progress we will cover in todays article. There is more than one way to achieve this result, with what we will do today being one of them.


Beginners Guide To Improvising Using The Pentatonic Scales

Improvisation is a key component of the blues and rock genres of music, and an intimidating step for someone who has never considered playing something in the moment as it can seem like an impossible task. A great starting point for anyone is learning scales, specifically the pentatonic scale.


A Great Way To Build Anticipation And Intensity In Your Songwriting

Have you ever heard a song where a small idea will gradually become more and more dramatic, pulling you in harder and harder until finally the song either moves forward, or reaches its emotional climax? Do you find that once that happens, that you MUST listen to the rest of the song, no matter how long it is?

Getting Started With Playing The Blues

Imagine you’re hanging out with your friends and one of them says “You’re learning the guitar, let’s play some guitar together”. Sometimes you might both know the same song you can play together (this is usually rare), but more commonly, it’s easy to freeze up, forget everything you’ve been learning, or just shy away from the idea altogether.


How to improve your guitar playing quickly

Let’s look at some of the things you can do today and in the short term that will help you to improve your guitar playing both in the short term and the long term.


7 Easy Things To Check To Make Sure Your Vibratos Sound Awesome

A vibrato is a phrasing technique used on the guitar to add feeling and emotion to your guitar playing. Used in many instruments, and even for vocalists, it can make a big difference between your playing sounding stale and have it sounding amazing.


7 benefits of learning how to play the guitar as an adult

We all know that children are like sponges, soaking up all the information and skills we as adults struggle with. However, everybody is capable of playing the guitar, no matter the age. In fact, starting to learn the guitar as an adult has many significant benefits.

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